Physical Therapy Exercises

In most situations, a patient’s treatment is most effective when taken with a multi-faceted approach. Alongside adjustments, Dr. Becca will give her patients therapeutic exercises, whether it be strengthening or stretching, to correct any muscular imbalances.

Following an injury, it’s important to build strength back up in the damaged area, as well as the areas around it. The combination of stretching and strengthening certain muscle groups will help the body regain strength, flexibility, and proper biomechanics.

Dr. Becca will work one-on-one with the patient to come up with an individualized plan to ensure that they receive the most effective care.

Here are a few of the benefits from Physical Therapy:

Drug-free method of pain relief

Strengthens weak muscles

Restore mobility in muscles that have been previously “tight”

Restores proper function in muscles and joints

Recovery from an injury (sprain/strain/fracture)

Recovery from a surgery

Improves balance and prevents falls

Prevents athletic injury

Teaches proper form for exercise

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