Percussion Therapy

Dr. Becca uses a percussion instrument called a Theragun. A Theragun can help aid in muscle recovery by reducing muscle soreness, eliminating knots, increasing blood flow, and releasing muscle spasms.

Most at-home percussion therapy instruments penetrate 11mm or less, the Theragun penetrates at 16 mm,  which allows for deeper reach into the muscle.

The Theragun is not only a great tool for athletes, but can benefit absolutely anyone. Dr. Becca loves to use it for people who have desk jobs, sit at school all day, or for those who are looking down at electronics frequently.

Here are a few of the benefits from Percussion Therapy:

Prevents (DOMS) delayed-onset muscle soreness

Improves flexibility

Increases blood circulation

Gives way to a better lymphatic flow

Faster recovery from workouts

Enhanced athletic performance

Relieve tension, soreness, and body aches

Rehabilitation from injury

Enhanced sleep

Natural stress relief

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